Thursday, 25th May: Former Irish national champion big wave surfer Easkey Britton joined host and Audi Ireland ambassador Sonya Lennon for the final episode of series two in Driving Progress, a podcast series by Audi. Britton's passion for science, and her focus on building for a better future was evident from her first conversations with Audi in 2019. The Driving Progress Podcast is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with Easkey and further explore these value synergies with the Audi brand and her passion for progress.

‘Sea Sisters’ Sonya Lennon and Easkey Britton delve into what makes a big wave surfer tick, the philosophy of the sea and explore some of Easkey’s ambitions and adventures across the globe.

In need of no introduction, Britton, the first Irish woman to be nominated for the Global WSL Big Wave Awards, has been making waves across a range of fields since her retirement from International competition. A PhD, scientist, social ecologist and activist, artist, filmmaker and author, it is safe to say Britton is a true role model whose philosophy on life, progress and ambitions will motivate and inspire for generations to come.

Thanks to her parents’ love of the ocean and big wave surfing, the sea is part of Britton’s DNA. In this latest and final episode of series two of Audi’s Driving Progress, the Donegal native gives a compelling insight into her childhood, growing up by the Atlantic Ocean and her deep respect and connection with it.

Britton discusses her motivations behind her new book, Ebb and Flow, which explores practical ways of restoring lost connections with water. She opens up on her adventure seeking mind-set which allowed her to become Ireland’s top female big wave surfer and took her to Iran to explore never before surfed waters, which led to Iranian women getting involved in the sport.

A podcast series by Audi, Driving Progress season two is hosted by Irish fashion stylist and TV presenter Sonya Lennon. Featuring four episodes with four acclaimed Irish individuals at the very top of their game, Sonya guides candid conversations focusing on themes of progress, creativity, ambition and attitude.

Listen to the full interview with Dr. Easkey Britton: here.

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