Audi Charging
Charge On The Road.

The new Audi Charging service is now live. Customers can now sign up to the service through the myAudi app. Audi Charging offers access to a total of over 400,000 public charge points across Europe with a price advantage for the consumer. In Ireland, the Audi Charging network will consist of ESB ecars, ChargePoint, ePower, and IONITY charge points.

The Audi Charging service is managed by Elli, and replaces the outgoing e-tron Charging Service. As such, it is no longer possible to register for the e-tron Charging Service, and all remaining charge cards for this service can be disposed of. However, any customers who have active subscriptions to the e-tron Charging Service can avail of this product until the end of their current contract.

To register for Audi Charging please follow the following steps:

  • Add the car to the myAudi app using the chassis number.
  • Once this has been completed, a tab for Audi Charging will appear on the home screen. Click into this.
  • In the Audi Charging section two tariffs will appear (‘Basic’ and ‘Plus’). In order to avail of the ‘Pro’ tariff you need to be registered as the key user via an Audi dealership.
  • After selecting the tariff, please fill in your address and payment details. During this process you will be asked if you already have an Audi Charging card or if you would like to order one. If you already have a charging card, select the option for already having a card.
  • Once these steps have been completed you will then be registered for Audi Charging and will receive a confirmation email.
  • To link the card to your account, youneed to click onto your profile on the myAudi app (the person icon on the bottom right of the app). Under the ‘Services’ section there is an Audi Charging tab. Within this tab there is a ‘Charging card’ section. In this section you can manually input the number on the back of the Audi Charging card, and it will be linked to your account.
  • To charge using the card, simply tap the card on the charge point. Audi Charging is compatible with ESB ecars, IONITY, ChargePoint, and ePower.

Audi Charging Support

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